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«Fly the Queen of the skies»

Experience the largest simulation project ever realized.

Become a part of this great project and support our efforts by becoming a member of the 747 Association.

Meet pilots, flight engineers, simulation friends, and followers of jumbos.

Take advantage of the Association and fly a 747 in Kaitak or simply from Zurich to Geneva, either as Airforce-one or simply as Swissair SR110.


Welcome, Ihr Thomas Binz

As of 2017 Air Force One 747-300 Flight Simulator in the AFC

The AIR FORCE CENTER DUEBENDORF is the new homebase of the Air Force One 747-300 Flight Simulator. Ready for commercial use by 2017 it offers flights across Switzerland and all over the world,  accompanied by instructors.
The pilots get a certificate.
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