The museums attraction - P-3 Flight Simulator

The P-3 Simulator Software was developed by FC Flight & Cockpit, Software for Professionals.

Now you can easily realize your dream of flying!

Delve into the world of flight and experience a unique, almost authentic feeling of flying.  You enter the cockpit together with your flight instructor. Listen to your instructor's directions over the headphones to follow the checkpoints and select the desired flight route – then it's off and away!
Flight movements are activated using the P-3's original controls. As a "temporary aviator" orient yourself visually against the backdrop of fantastic scenery projected onto a large screen.

Flight certificates for Adults and young people

Attractive gift certificates are available in our Souvenir Shop in the museum during normal opening hours or direct in the Online-Shop.

Flyer P-3 Flight Simulator
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Visitors Info

Minimum age: 12 years
Regular museum admission plus P-3 Flight Simulator: Fr. 30.-
Operating hours:  
Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon – 13.30 to 17.00
  On Sunday afternoons in bad weather spontaneous flights possible
Simulator duration:
40 minutes
Gift certificates: Flight Simulator gift certificates are available per eMail:
Information by telephone: Call +41 (0)79 770 91 86 from Tuesday to Friday, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Reservations by telephone:
Call +41 (0)44 824 55 11 from Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Playing once pilot in the P-3 Simulator

TV - "Schweiz aktuell" from 12.05.2005
Since Whit Sunday everybody can play pilot in the Aviation museum Dübendorf. As a flight simulator is placed in service, with which every man and every woman can test their fitness to fly. In a Pilatus P-3, where crashes do not happen, even if you sometimes make a mistake. Kathrin Winzenried reports live from the flight simulator, with which she attempted a landing.
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Upgraded P-3 Simulator

Flight Simulator Software and Hardware

  • Newest version of Microsoft FSX with Accelleration pack SP2.
  • New Hardware generation (Multi CPU) with most modern diagram processors.
  • Improved representation of the landscapes and the weather (clouds) for exciting flights.
  • More of realistic airplane data and parameters to simulate the exact flight characteristics.

Scenerie / image data

  • Latest image data ( 2004-2006) of Swisstopo with an image accuracy of 3 meters, the photo realistic pictures were compiled on 1,2 meters/pixel.
  • Rapid flowing visual structure of the detailed scenery makes an absorbed realistic VFR experience possible.
  • Projection with higher resolution on large screen in a darkened separate simulator area.
  • Obstacles like Swiss Railway contact lines, cableways, electric power lines and so on were programmed, approx. 43’000 objects, which are rated as Obstacles in accordance to AIP.
  • Representation of most civilian and military airfields in Switzerland.
  • Additional representation of distinctive buildings, facilities and places of interest of Switzerland.